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Our Playway method curriculum

Curriculum Overview

Sensory development

Sensory development through activities that encourage children to use their five senses to explore the world arround them

Play based learning activities

Play based learning activities such as shortskits, sand play, water play & creative play

Language & literacy

Language & literacy awareness activities that help children develop a love for books and reading, develop pre - writing and writing skills through the use of stories and things

Numeric activities

Numeric activities which are taught through a hands-on practical approch so that the fundemental concepts are properly understood

Science & Nature studies

Science & Nature studies that provide children with an opertunity to make their own investigation and carry out simple expiriments

Creative activities

Creative activities to nurture creative side through art and craft , through music and drama

Physical development activities

Physical development activities that foster strength , balance, stamina and co-ordination

Field trips

Field trips to develop personality and confidence.

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